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Disclaimers cum Clearance

(For Trainees, Training Centres & Public)

To Avoid misguidance, Sarva I.T & Educational Development has created Disclaimer webpage for all trainees, training centers & public. All Training Centre Owners, who are planning to join us must follow/read our prescribed disclaimer cum clearance, rules & regulations mentioned below for the proper management of his/her computer training center. All Trainees, who are planning to take admission in our various self employment & non formal training program through our authorized training centre, must follow/read below shown clearance, terms & conditions of this disclaimer. After signing centre application/authorization form & after signing Admission form by trainees, No excuse shall be entertained for ignorance of this disclaimer. Because This disclaimer web page is active, available, accessible & live every time for public view on our official website- sarvaindia.com:-

  • Sarva I.T & Educational Development (SITED)-HP (& its Registered trade mark/s e.g. Sarva Education or Sarva Computer Education) is/are not an Institute/s (cannot be termed as Institute/s & disclaims to be termed as Institute/s). Sarva I.T & Educational Development (SITED)-HP is a national autonomous not for profit, Registered & Licensed Company (Organization), since 2008, under Company Act of Central govt. & An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, which is running/has started autonomously various Self Employment I.T & skills Advancement training/Literacy awareness Programme on not for profit basis in non-formal education/learning Sector (Means Outside Formal Education/learning) and under said programmes designed & providing autonomously various I.T & skills advancement basic certificate/diploma trainings through its online opened self-sustaining authorized training centres to eliminate the burning problem of unemployment, so that Trainees can be able to get employment in non formal sector and self-employment opportunity in the present era of competition.
  • Course fee shall be paid to centre head/owner by trainees as per prescribed installment by our authorized centre owner. If fee is not deposited within prescribed time, then extra late fee fine shall be paid to centre owner.
  • Admission, registration, Tuition & Exam Fee once paid to centre owner shall not be refundable in any case, whatsoever.
  • The certificates to be issued only after the confirmation of Trainee registration with Sarva Education/SITED and successful completion of the course.
  • Trainee has to follow the rules enforced by the centre owner/Head Office for the sake of his/her study.
  • Trainee will pay prescribed fees of training courses to centre head. Sarva Education/SITED disclaims any sharing in Admission fee tuition fee & Exam fee & all such types of fees will be prescribed by concerned centre head/owner, as per Infrastructure facility provided in his/her centre, geographical condition of area, literacy ratio & population of area.
  • Sarva education/SITED will not be held liable on fee issues/disputes between centre head or Trainees and all issue/disputes in this regard & will be mutually settled between Trainee and centre head. Sarva Education/SITED will give suggestion only on raised issues/disputes.
  • Sarva Education/SITED Charges one time concerned training courses Regd fee through its authorized centre head, as per Trainee course duration, at the time of submitting training Regd form/s to head office by its authorized centre head.
  • Trainee can confirm/check/verify their Roll No./result on Sarva Education/SITED Website/s. Concerned Roll no./result will be shown at website/s for one year thereafter the roll no. might be deleted from the site/s database. Thereafter if any Trainee wants to verify his Roll No./result/Diploma/Certificate/Mark sheet then he/she has to send verification email- sarvaeducation@gmail.com to Sarva Education/SITED HO.
  • At the time of taking admission in our authorized centre/institute, Trainee or his/her guardian are advised to ask our authorized centre owner or his/her appointed person in centre for explaining verbally all terms & conditions prescribed for taking admission in concerned course. In future no excuse will be entertained for the same from Trainee side or his/her guardian.
  • To know Validity/activation & Approval status of Centre, You (Trainee or public) are advised to Confirm Centre Code at our website/s- www.sarvaindia.com
  • Sarva Education/SITED may provide job assistance to deserving Trainee/s only. This will not confer guaranteed Job right from Sarva Education/SITED.
  • If Trainee is minor (Under 18 Years) at the time of taking admission into any course, then guardian signature is necessary on registration form.
  • Decisions taken for the sake of Trainee by Sarva Education/SITED will be final, acceptable and binding to everyone.
  • Sarva Education/SITED Head Office may change; revise any terms & conditions, created on admission form and herein this webpage or any other WebPages of our websites & documents which are visible & accessible to Trainee & public, from time to time as per requirement without issuing any prior notice to Trainees or public. So it is duty of Trainee to check this webpage, other pages of websites & documents etc. and duty of centre owner to inform Trainee for such changes. Head office will not be liable for the same, in any case whatsoever.
  • Sarva I.T & Educational Development (SITED), head office disclaims sharing in Trainee Admission fee/tuition fee/exam fee of courses & all said fees will be prescribed/decided by our authorized centre owner as per investment, infrastructure facilities, Trainee & teacher ratio, backwardness & geographical condition prevailing in his/her area.
  • SITED shall not be held responsible if any dispute arises between centre owner and trainees for charging said fees & Only centre owner shall be solely liable for the same.
  • SITED charges onetime nominal registration fee as per the duration of course/s per Trainee/s. which is directly charged by SITED from concerned authorized centre Owner.
  • SITED shall issue certificate of centre authorization to run non formal training Courses/s, for single location/address as provided by concerned centre owner in centre application form and mentioned on his/her centre authorization certificate by SITED. Centre Owner has to submit separately new application for centre authorization for opening new branch at different location or address.
  • SITED disclaims for any investment & management in its authorized Training centers set up. All Investments, expenses, management and formalities relating to operation of training centre shall be done, managed & borne by concerned authorized centre owner, such as- computer systems, centre furniture, teacher appointment, centre teachers salary, centre building (rented/self owned), Softwares, Trainee security, Taxes (all types), local registration, NOC from departments etc. and centre owner will be responsible/liable for the same not SITED.
  • Centre Owner will get Trainee/s diploma/certificate via post at centre postal address; certificates are certified/issued under authority of non formal I.T & Skill Advancement Awareness education/Training Programmes of/by SITED. SITED is a regd. company Under Company Act and especially licensed by Central Govt of India as ngo under same Act.
  • All types of payments paid, to be paid to SITED, shall not be refundable in any case, whatsoever.
  • At the time of taking new admission in centre/institute, centre owner/director/manager shall explain verbally all terms & conditions prescribed for taking admission in concerned course to Trainee. In future no excuse will be entertained for the same.
  • Centre Owner found involve in any criminal, financial, social or any other offence, then the authorization of my/our centre shall automatically come to an end without giving any prior notice to centre owner.
  • Trainees or Centre Owner will check all live website pages links and Trainee login and centre login panel shown at homepage of website on daily or weekly basis for any alterations/updates in latest news, FAQs, any Forms, any Sample Format, Renewal Process, Admission/Exam Procedures, Rules/Regulations etc. & manage his/her centre accordingly & accept all said alterations/updates made by head office.
  • Centre authorization of Institute/NGO will be renewed every year on due date, if centre owner fulfill condition/s laid down for said renewal.
  • Sarva I.T & Educational Development uses/display/write the same name in centre list or authorization certificate or any other documents or website/s, as submitted/provided/written by concerned centre owner in centre authorization form. Concerned centre Owner shall not provide/write already registered trademark or registered copyright name of any other organization in centre authorization form. After taking our authorization, if it is found that concerned centre has written/submitted/used/provided already registered trademark or registered copyright name of any other organization in centre authorization form, then concerned centre owner will be responsible for the same & Head office will remove concerned centre name from list or take suitable action as per situation, without giving any prior notice. So, Always Provide/write unique name in centre authorization form, which must not match with already registered trademark of copyright name of any other organization.
  • Sarva I.T & Educational Development suggests- Do not use following word/s with your centre name e.g. technical, technology, institute, college, vocational, council, engineering, skill development etc. as per our suggestion- You can/may mention following words with your centre name- Training Centre or Education Centre or learning Centre or self employment training centre. However, you are free to use any word/s with your centre name, we can/may give suggestion only in this regard and Sarva I.T & Educational Development cannot be held liable or responsible for using/writing any word/s by you with your centre name. Sarva I.T & Educational Development uses/display/write the same name in centre list or authorization certificate or any other documents or website/s, as submitted/provided/written by concerned centre owner in centre authorization form.
  • Sarva I.T & Educational Development- SEO Team has created websites & many webpages (which are not live or not shown directly on home page of sarvaindia.com & have used many keyword/s or word/s or phrase/s or sentence/s or term/s or definition/s or image/s or video/s on those websites & web pages only for advertisement purpose over internet & ranking purpose in major search engines, so that user/viewer/visitor may/can find homepage of our official website- sarvaindia.com. Sarva I.T & Educational Development clarifies to its website/s user/visitor, who found our said websites/webpage/s by using/entering particular keyword/s or word/s or phrase/s or sentence/s or term/s or definition/s or by searching image/s or video/s, for not relying upon the mentioned/shown contents authenticity or correctness of said webpages or websites. Sarva I.T & Educational Development disclaims the mentioned/shown contents authenticity or correctness of said websites/webpages. Because said websites/webpages contents are written/mentioned/used/uploaded/designed just for search engines ranking purpose & business advertisement purpose over internet, so that user/visitor may find home/index page of sarvaindia.com, so for Authentic Information/s our website/s user/visitor must check all written/mentioned/visible/live webpages links given on home page of official website- www.sarvaindia.com.
  • All self employment Training Courses, Mark sheet, Diplomas & Certificates are designed/printed/certified/issued by Sarva I.T. & Educational Development-HP under its non commercial self employment I.T & Skills Advancement Training Awareness Programme in non formal education sector in India through its Authorized Training centers. Sarva I.T. & Educational Development is not a institute or university & not running any specified formal or non formal education degree/diploma/certificates courses of UGC, Councils, Boards etc. in India, To Confirm that Sarva I.T & Educational Development is not running any UGC specified Degree/Diploma - Check 1 list of UGC specified Degree/Diploma- Here, Check 2 list of UGC specified Degree/Diploma- Here . Hence Sarva I.T. & Educational Development disclaims any tie-up or authority from UGC, councils, boards etc. in India. Sarva I.T. & Educational Development issued training diploma and certificates are applicable for self employment & for non formal sector employment only & might be applicable for pvt. or govt Sector jobs, because it is legally a Registered & licensed entity as a non commercial Company under Company Act of Central govt. & ISO Certified and work as per its approved objects, MOU & AOA of Company. Till date, Lots of trainee already got self employment & employment in pvt. or govt sector, but still SITED disclaims for applicability & acceptance of its issued diploma/certificates for further admission & jobs because the same depends upon the sole discretion of concerned govt. or private departments/interviewer & their policies, rules, regulations, requirements & notifications made for concerned job or admission or placements. Because further admission or Job related Policies, notifications, Rules & regulations are not made by SITED, but the same are made/modified by concerned job declaring department or Institution.
  • All software name mentioned on any printed material or any page of our websites or video are the registered trademark/property of their legal owner and shown/printed/written only for the promotion of self employment non commercial I.T. & skill advancement training awareness/literacy programme outside formal education sector by SITED, Trainee & centre head can contact the availability/purchase of mentioned software/s from their legal owner or their authorized business partner. SITED disclaims any ownership & tie-up pertaining to above mentioned softwares & disclaims any liability for the same.
  • In case of infringement/non compliance by Trainee/s or centre owner/s, of any rules & regulations made in admission form, centre application or in any other type of present/future application form/s (online or offline) or in any type of form/any document/any file/FAQs/any webpage/s of sarvaindia.com of SITED, then, Director of SITED shall have full right to take decision upon further activation/authorization of concerned centre or trainee certificates & in this regard, SITED, Director decision shall be final & acceptable to all centre owner/s & trainee/s.
Is Sarva I.T Educational Development or its authorized Training centre covered under the term “Coaching Center” as per rules 2024 of Ministry of Education, govt of India?

Ans- No, Sarva I.T Educational Development or its authorized Training centre is not covered under the term “Coaching Center” and disclaims to be a Coaching center, Because Sarva Education is not providing coaching for any study programme or competitive examinations or academic support to students at school, college, and university level.

As per rules 4 (iii) 2024 of Ministry of Education, govt of India ‘coaching center’ includes a center, established, run, or administered by any person to provide coaching for any study programme or competitive examinations or academic support to students at school, college, and university level, for more than 50 students

  1. Coaching for any study programme Means coaching or tuition for 10th, +2, Graduation (B.Com, B.Sc, B.Tech, M.Tech etc.)
  2. Coaching for competitive examinations Means Coaching or Tuition for UPSC, JEE, SSC, GATE, IBPS, GRE, SBI, PO, NDA and IIFT etc.
  3. Academic support means tailored assistance and resources designed to enhance students' learning experiences. This support may include tutoring, workshops, and access to educational materials, aiming to foster a conducive environment for academic success and personal development.

Sarva I.T & Educational Development (An Autonomous Organization) disclaims to be coaching center and is not providing abovementioned coaching for any study programme or competitive examinations or academic support to students at school, college, and university level.

Sarva I.T & Educational Development (An Autonomous Organization) is providing Basic I.T and Skill Training with Certification for skill advancement, self employment and job opportunity in non formal sector jobs under its IT & Skill Advancement Training Awareness Programme. More Detail- Read Here Coaching Center Govt Rules

So, If you are looking for opening new training centre or want to take admission in our authorized centres, then it has been made mandatory by SITED to read abovementioned disclaimers & clearance, and other terms and condition mentioned upon centre application form, admission form etc. Because in future no excuse shall be entertained in this regard.

Any dispute arising under these disclaimers cum clearance shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Himachal Pradesh, India only.

Note- If any Trainee, centre owner or any person from public or organization or any personnel from govt or Pvt department, without reading & understanding abovementioned points wants to defame Sarva Education or Sarva Computer Education or SITED Brand Names by way of misleading advertising campaign or by filing false cases in court of law, then the same will be replied with defamation case in court of law and concerned trainee, centre owner, person, organization, personnel from govt or Pvt department will be solely liable for paying defamation case amount.

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