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Get 100% Genuine Best Computer Franchise To OPEN/Start A Computer Training Institute/CENTER?

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization

Certified/Licensed By- Govt of India
Running Successfully Since 2008
Territorial Jurisdiction All over India.
Initiated By.
Sarva I.T & Educational Development.

Top Computer Franchise By SITED INDIA No.1-Certified/Licensed. by Govt. of India, Vide Licence.No.2/114/T-1/08/D, Read with the notification of Central Ministry of Law, Justice & CA, Department of CA No. GSR 288(E) dated 31.5.1991, Vide Reg. No. U72900HP2008NPL030981, ISO 9001:2015 Cert. No: ACBCB/ICMC/111601101, New Delhi.

PROCEDURE/PROCESS- To Open-START Computer Training FRANCHISE centre in India by SITED-India

COMPUTER Education TRAINING Center (INSTITUTE) FRANCHISE or AFFILIATION- REGISTRATION provides 100% Self employment Opportunity in India.

But PEOPLE Do Not know- How to GET Franchise TO Open-START computer COURSES CENTER or How to open A Computer INSTITUTE/ACADEMY?

Lots of people do not have proper Guidance/knowlege for GETTING Computer INSTITUTE AFFILIATION & Franchise for OPEN, Start, SET-UP NEW computer Education/training centre in India**.

Here, we will discuss REQUIREMENTS* For Starting (OPENING) up New Computer Education centre or Institute & franchise of computer center Affiliation of computer institute in any part of India.

Suggestions* Procedure* RULES For OPENING computer EDUCATION, Training Centre OR Institute in India:-

  1. Computer Education Centre Location Selection: First of all you have to select location for opening computer education centres. Your computer education centre or Institute location should be nearby School, College, ITI & Coaching Centres.
  2. Building Requirements for Computer Education Centre: After selecting the location, you have to take building on rent (if you do not have own building). Building carpet area should be at least 100 Sq* to 300 Sq*. feet. Which should be divided as follow: Theory room area 100 Sq* Feet, Computer Lab Room area 100 Sq* Feet. Reception Room Area 50 Sq* Feet, Centre Director Room area 50 Sq* Feet.
  3. Furniture Requirements for Computer Training Centre: Now you need to buy furniture for your computer centres. You should buy at least fifteen Chairs for theory room, 15 Chairs for computer lab room, ten chairs for both Centre director room as well as receptionist room, two tables both for centre director room as well as receptionist room & one big table for computer lab room, manufactured by your personal carpenter as per your computer lab room area. You can also purchase readymade computer table from any nearby reputed furniture shop.
  4. Computer Hardware & Software requirements: You have to purchase at least ten computers with latest configuration. If you want to save electricity then I will suggest you to purchase LCD or LED Monitor because it consumes less electricity than ordinary monitors. You have to buy one printer, Scanner & internet broadband connection. You have to purchase legal licensed softwares we do not suggest you to purchase pirated software because it does not work well in comparison to original Software & use of pirated software is an offence under intellectual property law, so avoid purchasing of pirated software as far as possible.
  5. Selection of Name for Computer Education Centre: You should include following words with your center’s first Name Computer Education, Information Technology, Institute of Computer Training, etc. We guide you to Include “Computer” Word with your centre name. Some Example of Computer Centre`Name- Web tech Computer Education, SKY-Tech Computers, INFOTech Computer Training Centre , TOP COMPUTER TYPING INSTITUTE, skill development CENTER, WEB-DESIGN CENTER, STARBUZ DIGITAL MARKETING HUB, BRIGHT INSTITUTE, FUTURE BASIC COMPUTER COURSES INSTITUTE, VISHAL COMPUTER PROGRAMMING CENTRE etc. Please note, before selecting your centre name confirm that your centre`s name should not match with any registered trademark of any other institution or organization of same nature, because it is illegal & offensive to use other organization’s registered trade mark under trademarks or copyright laws without the permission of their legal owners.
  6. Selection of Computer Training Teacher: Computer Teacher should have following Qualification- BCA or B.Sc.IT or MCA or PGDCA or Two Year diploma in IT with practical knowledge & Experience. You can advertise your Teacher`s requirement in your local cable network, or local newspaper & and also contact placement agency.
  7. Selection of Computer Education Affiliation & Franchisee Organization in India: We suggest you before selecting any computer franchise organization/company try to know Recognition or certification of that computer franchise organization. Any computer franchisee Organization which is providing franchisee opportunity all over India must have territorial jurisdiction to run computer franchisee all over India & Should be certified/REGISTERED under parliament Act by Centre Govt. Ministry or department & Any Computer INSTITUTE affiliation provider Organization which is registered under State Level or District level under State Society Act or Trust Act can operate its works in concerned state or district only & not beyond the territorial jurisdiction of that state or district.
  8. In simple wording, Any Society or Trust that is registered under State government can operate its works only in its state territory only. So, If you are dealing or going to deal for COMPUTER Center Franchise from any part of India then avoid computer franchise of such type of organizations. We recommend you to take COMPUTER EDUCATION FRANCHISE of Centre Govt. Ministry or Department Registered & Certified OR LICENSED Organization.

In the last, We wish you all the BEST For OPENING new COMPUTER education TRAINING Centre or Institute in any part of India under NO.1, TOP- BEST- Reputed "COMPUTER INSTITUTE FRANCHISE" Brand name.

Process* REQUIREMENTS* RULES* GUIDELINES To START OR Establish, Open, Register, Set Up, Registration, Affiliation, Franchise, Recognition of Computer Coaching Centre or Institute or Academy

In Following States:: - Andhra Pradesh (AP) |* Andaman and Nicobar |* Arunachal Pradesh |* Assam | Bihar |* Chandigarh |* Chhattisgarh | Dadra and Nagar Haveli | Daman and Diu | Central Govt of India- National Capital Terriotry (NCT)-New Delhi | Goa | Gujarat | Haryana | Himachal Pradesh (HP) | Jammu and Kashmir | Jharkhand | Karnataka | Kerala, Lakshadweep | Madhya Pradesh (MP) | Maharashtra | Manipur | Meghalaya | Mizoram | Nagaland | Odisha | Puducherry | Punjab | Rajasthan | Sikkim | Tamil Nadu | Telangana | Tripura | Uttar Pradesh (UP) | Uttarakhand (UK) | West Bengal (WB)**.

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