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  * Diploma in Dress Design Skills (DDDS) 

     Eligibility - Minimum 10th     Duration- 1 Year

  • Dress- Principles, Procedure, Accessories & Designing 

          Lining & Basic Shapes, Croki, Sleeve, Cuff, Caller, 

          Skirts, Caps, Hair Styles, Prints & Cheeks Shoes.

  • Dress Designing, Colour Files & Sewing Machines

          Liner, Butti, Geometrical Motives, Yoke Designing, 

          Duppattas Designing-Traditional Motives.

          Colour File-

           Primary Colour, Secondary Colour, Tertiary Colour 

          Tint Shade, Pastel Colors, Dusty Pastels Colors, Complimentary Colors           

          Slit Complimentary Analogues Colors, Cool Colour, Warm   

          Colors, Achromatic Colors, Sewing Machine usages.

  • Stitching, Feeding, Spreading, Cutting, Marking & Pressing


          Office Wears, Sports Wears, Western Wears, Suit, Lenghgas, Western

          Indo Westen-2, Swim  Suit, Winter, 2 Ladies & Gents

          Nighties, Evening Gown, Mix & Match. 

           Stitching- Suit Gown, Lenghgas, Blouses, frocks, Boys Garments.


     * Certificate in Dress Design Skills (CDDS) 

      Duration- 6 Months

  • Principles of Designing, Colour, Dress Designing & Sewing Machines

          Salwar Suit, Simple Kurta, Simple Salwar Short

  • Stitching, Feeding, Spreading, Cutting, Marking & Pressing

          Kurta with Open Collar, Patiyala Salwar, Chudidar one Kali Kurta, 

          Princes Kurta, Empire Cut Kurta, Parallel, Designer Kurta


          * Other Short Term Courses 

         * Certi. in Mehandi Designing Skills            
             (Duration- 1/2/3/6 Months)
         * Certificate in Dancing Skills
             (Duration- 1/2/3/6 Months)                              
         * Certificate in Music Skills
             (Duration- 1/2/3/6 Months)                                
         * Certificate in Beautician Skills 
             (Duration- 1/2/3/6 Months)
         * Certificate in Spoken English 
             (Duration- 1/2/3/6 Months)  
         * Certi. in Personality Development 
             (Duration- 1/2/3/6 Months)
         * Certi. in Stenography Skills 
             (Duration- 1/2/3/6 Months)



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