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Download- PGDCS- Question Paper (In 2 Parts)

Download- PGDCS- Question Paper (In 3 Parts)


Download- MDCS- Question Paper

Download- HDCS- Question Paper

Download- ADCPS- Question Paper

Download- DCOMP- Question Paper

Download- ADCS- Question Paper

Download- ADCA- Question Paper

Download- ADCFA- Question Paper

Download- DCOSA- Question Paper


Download- MCCS- with C Language - Question Paper

Download- MCCS- with Tally - Question Paper


Download- ACCS- with C Language - Question Paper

Download- ACCS with Tally - Question Paper


Download- DCFA- Question Paper

Download- DDTP- Question Paper

Download- DWD- Question Paper


Download- DCA- Question Paper


Download- DCS/DCA- with C Language- Question Paper

Download- DCS/DCA- with Tally- Question Paper

Download- DCS/DCA- with Internet- Question Paper


Download- CCS- with C Language- Question Paper

Download- CCS- with Tally- Question Paper

Download- CCS- with Internet- Question Paper


Download- CBC- Question Paper

Download- CCFA-3 Months Question Paper

Download- CCFA-Tally 1 or 2 Months- Question Paper


Download- SELF DESIGNED-12 Months Diploma- Question Paper

Download- SELF DESIGNED-6 Months Certificate- Question Paper

Download- SELF DESIGNED-1,2,3 Months Cert.- Question Paper


Note:- After downloading Concerned Course Question Paper, you can edit the question papers & Answersheet as per your course syllabus, if required.

Do not change title & subjects of paper only change questions and answers of that concerned paper.

There after, conduct examination & check papers. After paper Checking, type marks obtained by students in concerned course MARKS DETAIL FORM as given in next column-































(To be sent to head office via email after conducting offline or online Exam for getting certificate/diploma)


Download- PGDCS- Marks Detail Form (In 2 Parts)

Download- PGDCS- Marks Detail Form (In 3 Parts)


Download- MDCSMarks Detail Form

Download- HDCSMarks Detail Form

Download- ADCPSMarks Detail Form

Download- DCOMPMarks Detail Form

Download- ADCSMarks Detail Form

Download- ADCAMarks Detail Form

Download- ADCFAMarks Detail Form

Download- DCOSAMarks Detail Form


Download- MCCS with C Language or Tally - Marks Detail Form

Download- ACCS with C Language or Tally - Marks Detail Form


Download- DCFAMarks Detail Form

Download- DDTPMarks Detail Form

Download- DWDMarks Detail Form


Download- DCA with C Language or Tally or Intenet- Marks Detail Form

Download- DCS with C Language or Tally or Intenet- Marks Detail Form

Download- CCS with C Language or Tally or Internet- Marks Detail Form


Download- CBCMarks Detail Form

Download- CCFA- 3 Months Marks Detail Form

Download- CCFA-Tally 1 or 2 Months- Marks Detail Form

Download- COMPUTER TYPING- 1 or 2 or 3 or 6 Months Marks Detail Form


Download- SELF DESIGNED-12 Months Diploma- Marks Detail Form

Download- SELF DESIGNED-6 Months Certificate- Marks Detail Form

Download- SELF DESIGNED-1,2,3 Months Certificate- Marks Detail Form


Download- WITHOUT MARKS-1,2,Months Certificate- Marks Detail Form


Note:- After Downloading & filling up student marks in Concenred course/s marks detail form/s, Now you can send all marks detail form in single MS Word file along with Total Marks Details List via emailing at head office email address-

To know, how to send MARKS DETAIL FORMS & Total Marks Detail Form list  files to Head Office via emailing at, just click on below mentioned files sample links-

DOWNLOAD- SAMPLE for Sending MARKS DETAIL FORMS in MS Word File Format to head office via email 

On receiving your marks detail form head office will issue concerned student certificate/diploma/Marksheet within 20 days & send the same via Registered post at your centre address.


Centre Owner will keep all Examination forms, Student question paper & Answersheet under his/her control/Record. Head office may demand the same in future, if required. Head office requires Marks detail form of students only for issuing certificate/Marksheet of students. 

As you know you have two options for  conducting Examination- Offline or Online, but in both cases, you have to follow above mentioned procedure for applying for certificate/Diploma, means in both cases you have to send Marks detail form to head office via email.




























Fundamental of Computer, Window, DOS, MS Office, HTML, DHTML, C Programming, Internet 





MS Office 2007

MS Office 2010


MS Word 2013

MS Excel 2013

MS PowerPoint 2013

MS Access 2013


MS Word 2016

MS Excel 2016

MS PowerPoint 2016

MS Access 2016


Tally 7.2

Tally 9.0


HTML, DHTML & JavaScript

C & C++


Visual Basic


Desk Top Publishing (DTP)



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